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Blush Brush

Blush Brush

$40.00 Incl GST


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The Deluxe Synthetic Blush Brush is our superior Blush Brush, with the softest bristles and perfect angle for fantastic cheeks every time!

Made from the most superior Japenese synthetic hair, this brush has been razor cut to create super fine hairs, providing us with one of the softest feeling brushes on the market today. These super fine hairs are packed to create an angled blush brush, giving you the perfect blush application every time!


Use your Blush Brush to pick up the appropriate amount of blush or bronzer from the lid. Envisage an imaginary line from the corner of your mouth to the top point of your ear and another straight down from the outer corner of your eye. Start at the point where the two lines meet with your Zazi Blush Brush and apply outwards towards your ear. Blend gently up and down to remove any severe lines, however don't blend so much that there is no definition.

Product Specification

Net Weight: 33 g

Postal Weight: 33 g