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Zest Face Mask

Zest Face Mask

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A unique face mask suitable for all skin types which cleans, softens and nourishes the skin while boosting circulation for glowing skin.

The Zest Face Mask will leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and looking vibrant. The unique blend of natural pure ingredients leave the skin luminous, great for anyone who suffers from a dull complexion, rough skin, acne or rosacea skin or anyone who is just looking for a nice natural glow. The Kaolin Clay, Manuka honey and combination of essential oils deeply cleanse, soften and nourish the skin, while also boosting the circulation to maintain and promote smooth, healthy and radiant skin.


White Kaolin Clay, Manuka honey, Jojoba Oil, Orange Floral water, Vitamin E, Parfum (natural preservative), Oregano leaf extract, Thyme extract, olive leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, lavender flower extract and Golden Seal Root Extract, geranium bourbon, lavender, lemongrass and lemon essential oils.


We use only the highest quality ingredients in an undiluted form in our products, making all of our ingredients extremely active. A tingle on the skin is to be expected with this product.

After exfoliating with the Zest Face Scrub, apply a ten cent piece amount of the mask to the entire face, avoiding eye areas using your fingertips or a mask brush. Leave the mask on for at least 3 minutes, up to 15, keeping the mask damp for the duration. Immediately after application is when the expected tingling sensation is at its strongest, gradually dissapearing as the mask actively draws out impurities from the skin. Rinse off with water.


  • Smoother, cleaner skin after 1 application
  • Active ingredients to get optimum results quickly
  • Provides your skin with essential minerals and nutrients
  • Infused with honey & essential oil extracts it is beautiful to use for all skin types

Product Specification

Net Weight: 100 ml

Postal Weight: 135 g